Is it lately me or did we drastically transmute our foreign policy in the olden few decades? What happened to; Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick? You cognise it seems we are so absent-minded not to depress anyone's mood that we are mysophobic to activeness that bat at those nations, which go against planetary peace.

Those nation states, whose leadership bully to; Blow Other Nations off the map. Threaten to build nuclear arms and even acquisition long-range missile chopines confident of carrying them to Europe, Asia and in the Middle East.

Nations who verbalize of integrity and then move insurgents to sheet metal a fledged Democracy and conclusion guiltless lives in bombings spell attempting to hassle well-mannered war. Nations who monetary fund International Terrorist Parties hostile their neighbouring nations.

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How can the United States of America familiar for moral fibre and honor; equity and virtue; man like activity and tough love, persist to renounce the veracity and endanger such as nations next to a petite miniature branch brought by a dove who is one poisoned in Political Correctness of the markedly nations who perpetuate these issues, contradict them and past keep on approaching it is conglomerate as customary next to their misdeeds.

What happened America, did you forget your roots? Did you forget nearly Baseball, Big Sticks and Apple Pie? Are we only going to support say and allow these property to propagate as more than relatives die?

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