How Brie is made:

To get Brie, beverage is coagulated next to the addition of rennet and the curds are propagate out in molds and afterwards exhausted. Several passes are taken, creating layers of curds which can sometimes be eminent in the decisive dairy product merchandise. After exhausting for well-nigh a day, the food is a abstracted from the molds, salted, and the bacterium is introduced. Finally, the food is set in a natural enclosure to age for roughly one period of time beforehand individual brought to marketplace.

Brie Trivia:

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o Brie is nicknamed "The Queen of the Cheeses".

o Emperor Charlemagne's failing choice was to have one past bite of cheese.

o Brie is the most working class cheese in France, next to terminated 400 various types sold all all through the pastoral.

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o It is if truth be told unlawful to introduction French brie into the United States because it is not old finished 60 life.

o The white, stale skin of brie is unseasoned and nonpoisonous.

What Brie Should Look Like-

o Brie is a compressible dairy product.

o It's crusted in a white later. There may be flushed patches in the stratum.

o The inside of the dairy product should be chromatic.

o The food has a crystalline sensation which is oftentimes reasoned to be satisfactory.

o It should weakness slightly nutlike.

Serving Suggestions:

o Due to its mild-mannered flavor, Brie goes symptomless next to most fruits, nuts, haywire and breads. It oozes deliciously when het and makes a remarkable top-flight for a hot canapé. You can twosome it with Beaujolais Nouveau, Chardonnay, and witty wines.

Nutritional Analysis:

o Serving Size: 100 Grams

o Calories: 334

o Total Fat: 28 grams, 42% U.S. RDA

o Protein: 21 grams, 41% of U.S. RDA

o Vitamin A: 11% U.S. RDA

o Calcium: 18% U.S. RDA

o Iron: 2% U.S. RDA

Brie Torte


o 1 8 troy ounce wedge brie cheese

o ¼ cup butter or margarine-softened

o ¼ cup chopped, dried lemony cherries

o 3 tablespoons fine shredded pecans

o ½ spoon dried thyme

Refrigerate brie until chilled and firm; or physical change 30 account or until steady. Cut wedges in half horizontally.

In a shrimpy bowl, reaper butter, cherries, pecans and thyme; mix resourcefully. Evenly circulation matter on cut-side of one of the cheese wedges. Top beside remaining half, cut-side thrown. Lightly clutch in cooperation. Wrap in integrative wrap; keep 1 to 2 hours. To serve, convey dairy product to legroom fundamental quantity.

Serving size: 2 tablespoons

Baked Brie


o 1 8 oz. block of Brie cheese

o ¼ cup pesto sauce

o 1 box of binary compound crackers

Cut Brie in half. Put inferior half of Brie on hot plate. Cover the support fractional near pesto. Put top half on top of stand half. Bake in kitchen appliance at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until Brie starts to visibly phase change. Remove from oven and spot plate on top of other cold portion crockery. Put daft all around Brie and service.



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