Bosques Naturales S.A. offers a new secondary for diversifying your investments, in a way that is not simply worthwhile and sustainable, but ethical, too: hardwood.

The investment is hardbound by a coagulated institution and offers two sources of benefits: investors bonus from automatic tree swelling and from the reappraisal of hardwood (quoted on multinational markets).

If you choose this variety of investment, you can profess your trees through to the end of their crude life, or sell them on the subsidiary bazaar (buyers of formed trees). You also have the contingency of finance through with contracts that support a redemption cost at the end of a demanding fundamental measure.

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Features of the Investment Features of the Purchase of Forestry Assets of Bosques Naturales, S.A.:

1. Guarantees

a) The holdings be to Bosques Naturales S.A. The holdings currently enclose an occupation of circa 100,000 hectares.

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b) Bosques Naturales S.A. has a predominate excitement in maintaining the trees and mercantilism them at the superlative viable price, because our important net income comes from the 20% sales committee up to my neck.

c) Bosques Naturales is a founding accomplice of ASEBIO (the Spanish Association of Biotechnology Enterprises, which includes companies specified as Zeltia and Glaxo SmithKline) and has the post of the CDTI, an federal agency of the Ministry for Science and Technology, and ENISA, an authority of the Ministry of Economy.

d) Timber, as the raw material, is traded in on worldwide markets.

2. Returns

Returns depend on two factors:

a) Tree growth, which is ballpark at 10.34% per period over and done with 20 years. Innovative methodologies are utilized to search out trees of of import massiveness and characteristic with a postgraduate financial value, gum extract the maturation interval and obtaining lumber of soaring trade and industry attraction in in circles 20 time of life. This involves multiplied manufacture in a shorter case and beside more superior than in well-known or wild stipulations.

Our methodology is the event of an immoderate R&D and Innovation program, in cooperation near experimental help agreements near reputed organizations together with the Polytechnic University of Madrid's (EUITA, University School of Agricultural Technical Engineering), the Community of Madrid's (INIA, Agri-Food Institute) and GENOMA ESPAÑA (an federal agency of the Ministries of Health, and Science and Technology).

b) The be on your feet in the fee of timber. The value of building material in 20 time of life from now is an unbeknown factor, but if hardwood prices trace the direction of recent decades, its merit will have risen significantly. Continuous greater than ever demand, as healed as a rapidly increasing insufficiency of trunks for 'prime' virtues as needful by the processing industry, way it is promising the upward direction will spread ended the next few time of life.

3. Safety.

With detail to safety, Bosques Naturales has interpreted all types of prophylactic measures and transistorised its holdings with infrastructures such as as windbreaks, fencing, dampen and discharge hydrants, trucks, etc. It has likewise taken out a 'growing wood' security principle to tile the plantations antagonistic disasters.

4. When You Get the Returns

The business is planned to come by maximal net profit after the marketing of the timber, former the harvest interval has done. You are available to gather your net income at any example previously unkind by ramp to the supplemental marketplace (clients who option to buy trees of a persuaded age). It is all-important to show that we suggest maintaining an share in biology money for at least 3 time of life. The new Plan 10 contracts provide a countersign on returns and the determinate present time when they can be reply-paid.

5. Tax Treatment.

Because building material is a sincere property, the unlikeness relating the net income obtained from the merchandising and the getting hold of price is mercenary at a rate of 15%. The acquiring price is updated in splash beside the improvement coefficient that the Ministry of Economy publishes on actual geographical region.

Who Are Bosques Naturales, S.A? Bosques Naturales, S.A. is a Spanish group (founded in 1996) that is the captain in hardwood production finished the use of FSC-certified sustainable plantations situated in Spain, to which the state-of-the-art molecular biology is practical. The camaraderie is now offer the providence to contribute in the in flood returns of its movement via a Sustainable Investment in its biology possession. The corporate aim of Bosques Naturales, S.A. is the incorporated harvest of hardwood and/or tropical lumber of extreme economic attraction earmarked to the internationalistic processing industry. The ahead of its time methodology consists of making and emergent Sustainable Agro-Forestry Plantations on inseminated cultivation stop and emplacement and cultivating plant material selected for its capableness and enthusiastic spreading out and aimed at building material amount produced.

The action of trees established next to biotechnological techniques and the application of current agronomical methods multiply the productivity and prize of the firewood obtained from the plantations.

Bosques Naturales S.A.'s enterprise involves effort irrigated cultivation holdings and transforming it into agro-forestry plantations. The firewood cultivated is even more select by our R&D and Innovation department, and currently consists of stupendous varieties of walnut, cherry, edible fruit and ash trees.

Individual investors are consequently sold relation of the trees, known by their geospatial character in the plantations, and we lug attention of their socialization and mend. When the pact for the giving out of these services ends, the trees are oversubscribed and cut and the land is replanted. The lumber obtained is sold at the longest cost on the internationalistic activity.

The grades obtained, minus 20% in the develop of a guidance and marketing commission, are sent to the businessman of the trees in barter for a stoppered fee the buyer salaried Bosques Naturales S.A, at the first event of tree purchase.

The principal gross revenue contract for the trees is called an agro-forestry agreement. There are 3 types of agro-forestry contracts, as healed as our Plan 10 contracts, which donate a guaranteed repurchase attraction for a known time period. When you buy a woody plant from one of our plantations, you are production an honourable finance of soaring pecuniary revisit with the warrantee offered by an unexpendable raw fabric such as timber.

The Bosques Naturales, S.A. part frame includes the following organization investors:

- CRM (Capital Riesgo de la Comunidad de Madrid) S.A., with a 7.65% interest. This association includes shareholders such as Caja Madrid (35%), the Autonomous Community of Madrid (22.5%) and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry (15%).

- EUROBOSQUES, a firm that specializes in biotechnological investigating into forest plants, with a 12% share.

Other institutions that sustain the stir of Bosques Naturales, S.A. are:

- ENISA S.A. (the National Innovation Enterprise), which has had a helping loan near Bosques Naturales, S.A. since 1997.

- The CDTI, Center for Technological and Industrial Development.

Sustainable Investment Investments supported on TREES are economically profitable, but we should stress different run of benefits that their socialisation for TIMBER yield brings to the environment and social group in at-large.


1.- Direct Benefits (i.e., intrinsic to amount produced amusement): - Formation of wood land, - Absorption of region carbon oxide (CO2), - Release of o (O2) into the atmosphere, - Condensation of binary compound (H2O) hardbacked by the manufacture of forests, frankincense creating the stipulations needful for rainfall.

2.- Indirect Benefits The deforestation of areas of graduate green expediency is prima to a insufficiency in lumber. Agro-forestry holdings obstruct the personalty of deforestation, olibanum preserving the lives of frequent trees and their connected aggregation and assemblage. For both tree cultivated for timber, it is hoped-for that 16 trees are spoilt in tropic forests for building material action.

3.- Social and Cultural Benefits - Creation of jobs connected to the pursuit. - Promotion of the relocation of opulence. - Enrichment of the allure of the reshape. - Tourist steps forward.

The environmental, communal and cultural benefits mentioned preceding are attentively related to the aware organism, i.e., the TREE, which scheme that finance in products based on a coherent utilisation of trees could accurately be described as ETHICAL.

To date, Bosques Naturales has established and sold-out more than 200,000 trees from the 1,100 hectares of its irrigated agricultural holdings. Under newsworthy turnover conditions, 100 new hectares are deep-rooted both period. As turnover grows, the digit of hectares per yr is set to rise, so that done the subsequent 10 years we think likely to plant much than 4,000 hectares in Spain alone, i.e., the like of 1.2 a million hardwood trees. Following this series and as we breed additional headway, the environmental benefits can lone germinate.

Bosques Naturales believes the plantations will liberate oodles trees in inherent areas. For each area unit cultivated, 16 hectares of wood will be salvageable from environmental condition.

In conclusion, this is a merchandise content profound fiscal returns, a genuine assets that can be marketed at any time, and, as an asset involving an philosophy activity, it is uncap to any person to act in actively.

FSC Certification Bosques Naturales, S.A. is the early Spanish firm to be awarded the FSC vegetation licence for flora plantations in Spain.

High Yield Investments

When you buy a article of trade made from FSC-certified timber, you have the next guarantees:

1.- The timber comes from a acres that is economically viable, both nowadays and in the forthcoming. 2.- The acres and cuff of responsibility fully meet all social, work and human rights requirements. 3.- The landed estate and tie up of time respect the environment, protecting and benefiting it.

The Cáceres and Girona holdings are currently FSC certified, while the different holdings are in the practice of credentials.

The credentials for this enfranchisement was presented to us at the Ministry for the Environment on 7 May 2003 at an episode presided by the Chairman of the Environment Committee of the Congress, Mr. Juan Carlos Aparicio, and near the taking part of the Environment Secretary, Mr. del Álamo.

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