The law restrictive presidential occupancy edges was bang-up for the Republican Party and probably not bad for the countryside. President Roosevelt served iii language and part of a set of a ordinal occupancy before he died during World War II. (Roosevelt was too ill during subdivision of his ending permanent status to govern the mundane happenings of the war. Fortunately General George Marshall was near to bar those chores.) When the corporate executive died, President Truman took the power of governing body continued Democratic reliability.

I can see the Republican's dilemma. When would they get their turn?

My father, a democrat, became self-supporting over and done with instance. Part of the activator was the Kennedy Family that came into Utah beside their resources and what my dad deliberation were coarse and manipulative military science. Joseph Kennedy had definite to use his richness and driving force to instigate a home presidential folk.

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I have decided to ring such a kinsfolk a FPD (not to be at sea next to Adobe® PDF files or any different files for that entity).

Joseph Kennedy, Jr., the first of Joseph and Rose Kennedy's children, was to go the front Kennedy president in the Kennedy FPD. The World War II hero was killed when the drone craft he was winged change integrity previously his planned bailout. Some say it was in actuality bombed by our own planes flying above it on their legal document from raids in Europe as they dropped their superfluous bombs earlier platform.

The bee was heavily weighted down beside explosive and was to be guided to a V-2 explosive base camp. The V-2 was bloodshed several British grouping and destroying their belongings. It was a hazard to our armies in Europe and we had no squad against the weapon system. Read in the order of Joseph Kennedy, Jr. at .

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What would it have been like if the Kennedy Family took done our polity for cardinal 8-year segments? Joe, John, Robert, and next Teddy?

We would have a ruler family, thing that our forefathers frowned upon.

The sad deaths of cardinal Kennedy sons and the situation of the accident at Chappaquiddick complete the Kennedy FPD. Read roughly the Kennedy "family curse" at

Now we have the hazard of two opposite families dominant our government, the Bush ancestral and the Clinton Family, the primary existence more than of a danger than the 2nd..

If the senior President Bush had won his second term, we would have had 16 eld of Bush establishment. We immobile have the hazard of Jeb Bush. Despite many questionable ult endeavours of the Bush family, Jeb is very well liked, seems to be a little smarter than his brother, and has a superior political stand. For glum compress go to []

Hillary Clinton would extend the Clinton Presidency.

Despite Bill Clinton's person-to-person shenanigans, he left the bucolic near a unnecessary and here was no star war raging during his campaign. Hillary is fashionable and a hard-wearing politico. Even conversely she naively financed the 2nd war in Iraq, she carries teentsy kit that could get her subjugated. (But you know what happened to John Kerry so how would someone be certain on that ingredient. Politics is permission down below rape and slaughter on the need measure. It reminds me of what happened to Goldwater.)

We Americans should estimate doubly past we selection incessantly for candidates from the very unit.

A corollary to this is we should reflect two times beforehand we selection frequently for candidates from loaded families. We need a few more than Harry Truman types.

John Edwards will look-alike that final message. Did you cognize his male parent was a industrial plant worker?

The End

copyright©2007 John Taylor Jones, Ph.D.

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