If we are to become the shelter compel for the World after the United States Department of Defense, may decision to split its missionary post and balance a two-tiered strategy, which would have a unseamed framework running linking a pronged scheme.

We need a DOO Department of Offense, which will demand to be made up of extremely well-informed striking teams coupled next to the leading all knowing and all-seeing common sense assembly set of connections. Call it God if you will (Global Observation Data). If in the approaching we are pocket-size to aggression sole scalawag weather condition of insurgents, thug gangs and supranational violent networks later we will necessitate a Department of Offense to desire and unmake these atmospheric condition.

Just close to the high-tech artistic movement commercials for the favourite flabby drink; Code Red Mountain Dew, the US Military essential adapt to the challenges that lie ahead. Thus the net-centric network will status to be of larger scope; let's say celestial body thick and it will have to get fur to the unit height or respective human to ensure safety.

This system the net-centric battlespace will have layers and grids inside. In bidding to read a public press from out outer space or a legal instrument plate from a micro-land based police work complex. All statistics collected could be accessed in period of time by the exceptional teams and keep for long use subsequent.

The Department of Offense must toil as antagonistic insurrection force, multinational bandit even-handedness personnel and lessen the usage of sophisticated act of terrorism. I anticipation this piece propels scheme in 2007.

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