In perusing for your CCNA examination and preparing to realise this important certification, you may be tempted to pass littlest event poring over monotonous routing and herald true for the more lifting resurgent routing protocols same RIP, EIGRP, and OSPF. This is an forgivable mistake, but inactive a omission. Static routing is not complicated, but it's an influential substance on the CCNA exam and a useful knack for real-world networking.

To concoct static routes on a Cisco router, you use the ip highway enjoin followed by the finish network, framework mask, and any the next-hop IP computer code or the provincial opening interface. It's indispensable to hold on to that ultimate part of a set in psyche - you're any configuring the IP address of the downstream router, or the interface on the provincial skilled worker that will tennis stroke as the issue surface.

Let's say your local trained worker has a serial0 interface next to an IP code of, and the downstream trained worker that will be the adjacent hop will acquire packets on its serial1 interface next to an IP computer address of The adynamic trail will be for packets inescapable for the web. Either of the subsequent ip itinerary statements would be letter-perfect.

R1(config)#ip path (next-hop IP computer address)


R1(config)#ip line serial0 ( regional going away interface)

You can likewise dash off a ageless channel that matches sole one goal. This is a host route, and has for a cloak. If the above fixed routes should just be used to dispatch packets to, the later commands would do the job.

R1(config)#ip road (next-hop IP computer code)


R1(config)#ip itinerary serial0 ( district disappearance interface)

Finally, a failure to pay rigid way serves as a entrance of ultimate resort. If within are no matches for a goal in the routing table, the absence way will be previously owned. Default routes use all zeroes for both the goal and mask, and over again a next-hop IP code or area issue interface can be used.

R1(config)#ip schedule (next-hop IP code)


R1(config)#ip itinerary serial0 ( regional disappearance surface)

IP way statements appear undecomposable enough, but the details about the next-hop IP address, the provincial going away interface, evasion rigid routes, and the structure of the enjoin are vital for happening on CCNA exam day and in the physical world.



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