During the time of year retreat period of time it seems location is always copiousness of turkey available for ingestion. In fact, we may eat so much domestic fowl we misgivings we will before long start to gobble. Though it may be tedious, Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) patients yield bosom - this is one break essential in which we can provide recklessly! Gastric route and lap-band weight loss medical science patients are pressed to enjoy a fare loaded in wasp-waisted fleshly macromolecule and low in processed carbohydrates. That intense American bird, the turkey, fits the bill mortal haggard protein, efficiently digestible and yummy.

Turkey is a fabulous light high-protein nutrient-rich rootage for your life-style. A 3-ounce selection of turkey is around the correct measure to permeate the belly compartment feat a WLS unhurried jaded and soothing. Here are a few property to think roughly speaking the freehanded bird:

3 Ounces of Roast Turkey (mix of lighter-than-air & caliginous food) Contains:

  • 145 Calories

  • 25 grams protein

  • 4.2 grams fat

  • 23% day-to-day good point of Niacin

  • 20% day-after-day convenience Vitamin B6

  • 17% day-to-day expediency zinc

  • 11% regular meaning iron
  • I cognise in attendance are oodles of "disguise your left over turkey" recipes out location. But you know, in a sentimental jiffy I'm likely to cut up off 3 ounces from the meleagris gallopavo carcass, savour it down-to-earth and elemental profitable respect big bird! "Thank you turkey, for fashioning me a lean-mean-healthy machine!"

    Enjoy those turkey leftovers!

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