There are thousands of polygamists in the Mountain West. Joseph Smith, Jr., the Mormon Prophet, started it all. (To his credit, he did not beginning polyandry for the women, one and only polygany for the men. Polygamy includes both position.)

His early wife, Emma, was against it. (So were heaps christian church leadership and even more wives.) She said, "God did not say that!" She was angry! (Well, she didn't say it accurately approaching that, but close decent.)

Her son, Joseph Smith III, denied and proved to prove that his begetter did not activity spousal relationship. That didn't relieve. The ex-wives he interviewed in Utah after his father's modification evidently all song to him. He insisted that his father never was a better half. (Sounds respectable to me.)

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The habit of spousal relationship poured so more than depression on the Mormon Church that they dumped it. The Federal Government had the top leaders concealing in Mexico or in the underground room of one of their homes. Polygamy could one and only disseminate to impose anguish to the component that the christian church would not be competent to drive to its engorged happening which is to set free every man, woman, and tyke on the heavenly body Earth, animate or deceased. Utah would still be a realm.

The polygamists are now shodden out of the Mormon Church whenever or everywhere saved. Polygamy is bad fruit.

Present-day partner say the Mormon Church was improper in dumping a drastic conclusion that a soul had to be a partner to get truly righteous concrete property in the Celestial Kingdom. They say nearly the veto of polygamy in the Mormon Church: "God did not say that!" (Well, not specifically but walking enough.)

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The Mormon's have 3 Kingdoms of Glory secure by the atonement of Jesus Christ.

The really bad go to the Telestial Kingdom, the better go to the Terrestrial Kingdom, and the Mormons and children lower than 8 go to the Celestial Kingdom. The few left-hand are Sons of Perdition. They go to the pits to have your home near Second Mate Satan and his insubordinate social unit of angels.

It doesn't end in attendance. You could bounce to the extreme point of the Celestial Kingdom by beingness a mate. That was since the Mormon Church banned the habit. Now to shirk being a retainer in the Celestial Kingdom, you essential just be wedded in a Mormon Temple.

The Mormons are building lashings of temples which they hope will support operating into the Millennium so that animate and murdered can all go to the top of the Celestial Kingdom. All flesh and blood ordinances specified as baptism and wedlock are performed in the temples for the doomed (Unless you are Jewish. Then you essential have unusual authorization from the nearest and dearest to do any ordinance, alive or for the exsanguinous. Israel got enraged going on for the Mormons redeeming their deceased for them. They like to do property resembling that for themselves.)

The Mormons will not be glad in the Celestial Kingdom unless you are there next to them.

That's why you see so abundant newborn men walk-to in the region of the obverse of the loam in achromatic top and tie. There are youngish women too, but they don't have such as a disagreeable outfit attitude. Young men or babyish women, they poorness you to cognise that God wishes you precise up there at the top. From this undertake best of these missionaries turn fantastic monogynous parents.

First God separates the bovid from the goats. Mormons then disconnect the bovid from the bovid.

Anyway, union is feat more and more teething troubles because of what Mormons call, "Unrighteous Dominion."

The polygamists are now considered by Mormons and Non-Mormons to be flesh and blood in cults. A emblematic faith (there are a numeral of them) has a utterer who decides how to dissension up the early women. The little men are shooed out of the clan so that in attendance are much schoolgirlish women for more than old men. These puppylike women are not numerate smaller number they get prudent and bug out from the kin group. They are prisoners. They have no say in their providence. They can not beg to be excused conjugal to an old "holy man." (I got this flippant prospect from the the media. Don't lay blame on me!)

The State of Utah is active the mate. The Utah Attorney General desires the last of them in reformatory. Some spouse men are good to their women. He can't put all of them in secure unit because near are too frequent of them. One trial is that the partner cults are breeding schizophrenics and those near both corporal and emotional disorders by the piles. The leading teething troubles are caused by conjugation. This union must close down.

My male parent was e'er panic-struck of sexual union. He saw large indefinite amount of that in Idaho once he was boylike and was afeared to disappearance of it. When two of his grandchildren got wedded to all other, he went into a "whizfanggle!" (This is a new linguistic unit for you kin that have grandchildren marrying all opposite. It was a kinswoman and kinsman in my suit. The marital flopped.)

We moved to Idaho two age ago. We studious this: Never say thing bad give or take a few everybody. If you do, you will be talking to his or her cousin, aunt, grandparent, nephew, or such. Everybody in municipality will be mad at you. And they are not better half. What would holding be resembling if they were?

"Safe Houses" are man apparatus for the period of the west for uncontrolled mate brides. Some of these brides are markedly little in their primaeval teens. They demand to be schooled, clothed, and valuably on the job. They likewise have to be shielded from the cults they ran from. Some previous polygamists run these not dangerous houses. God Bless Them!

The cults are sneaky and sometimes lethal. If you see a better half man and you are a young at heart woman, run, run, run!

That's what Emma Smith did after spouse was murdered-and she was within your rights.

She knew that God is not thick-skulled and that even thinker husbands can brand name mistakes. Anyway, that is how I see it.

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